Gui Christ
Brazil -
June 26, 2020

Paraisópolis: Dealing with Covid-19 in the Favela

São Paulo is the city with the most cases of Covid-19 in Latin America. In Paraisópolis, one of its largest favelas, almost 150 thousand people live.

“Paraisópolis is the strongest representation of what is happening in Brazil during the pandemic,” says photographer Gui Christ. “Due to its high concentration of people and low levels of urban development, the inhabitants of the region are exposed daily to numerous risks of contagion and death by the disease.”

For ten days Christ documented the factors that facilitate the spread of Covid-19, such as the lack of basic sanitation and overpopulation in a place of disorderly growth, without public social policies and the impossibility of isolation for economic reasons, which does not allow them either to buy masks or disinfectants.

“In looking for a narrative that was capable of mixing images of the residents and the places where they live, work or transit,” he says, “I tried to emphasize the local urban reality: who these people are, what is their relationship to the situation in which they live, in a place where it is not possible to protect oneself from the worst epidemic of our generation ”.iven, en un lugar donde no es posible protegerse de la peor epidemia de nuestra generación”.