Authors A-Z

Abilio Estévez
Cemetery in Medellín
Alexandra McNichols-Torroledo
To Tell the Sacred and the Violent, Photos Printed on Coca Leaves
Álvaro Laiz
Álvaro Laiz: Looking for the Edge
Ana Cristina Vallejo
Neuromantic: love addict
Ana Nuñez Rodríguez
Green spell: life and magic around emeralds
André Penteado
Reverberation and subtlety: possible relationships between photography and memory
Andrea Jösch
Andrea Jösch: escape from the unique image, place yourself in the territory
Andrés Cardona
Hopefully the Night will Never Come
Angélica Dass
A racist insult on my family album
Archivo Nacional Victoria Santa Cruz
Victoria Santa Cruz: unknown images ot the voice of the Afro-Peruvian woman
Ayün fotógrafas
Ayün: Photography to Seek the Light in Others
Alejandro Chaskielberg
Fires in Patagonia: what the Fire Took
Baudó AP
Baudó: an agency to look closely
Bruno Morais
Brazil: Drugs in the Beach where there are no more Tourists
Carlos Villalón
The Sacred, the Banal, the Violent: Variations around Coca
César Rodríguez
The Daily Life of Poppy Growers
Colectiva Mamana
Colectiva Mamana: the urgent change of references
Colectivo Nómada
Colectivo Nómada: Around the World on a Single Road
How to take photos of the pandemic
Cristina de Middel
Cristina de Middel: a ventriloquist crosses the street
Cristina de Middel y Bruno Morais
Crossing the Atlantic from the hand of a spirit
Cristóbal Olivares
Mapuche People: the Eternity of Tomorrow
Cristopher Rogel Blanquet
The field no Longer Smells of Flowers
Cynthia Santos Briones
Notes to make a migrant herbalist
Daniela Rea
A war that is lost to the south and north of the Rio Bravo
Diego Mondaca
Stories that are born from silence
Edu León
In a Corner of La Mancha Where There is More Cocaine that You Can Imagine
Eduardo Ruiz Sosa
Learning to Speak
Erika Larsen
From the Amazon to the Arctic, in search of the nature that inhabits me
Eunice Adorno
Eunice Adorno: How to survive in community
Fabiola Ferrero
Coca in Colombia: a peasant family narrates itself
Federico Ríos
Colombia: What’s behind the War on Drugs
Félix Márquez
Ways to photograph murdered journalists in Mexico
Fernanda García Lao
War Addicts
Florence Goupil
Amazon: the Pandemic threatens the wisdom of plants
Florencia Alcaraz
To die as drug mule
Fotos: Leo Lanna / Proyecto Mantis
Cross the Amazon Hand in Hand with an Insect
Fred Ramos
That absurd thing that is violence
Gabriela Báez
Art to understand trauma
Gato Negro Ediciones
Editorial Gato Negro: Small is Beautiful
Gena Steffens
The war on drugs also pollutes
Giovanna Rivero
A false mist
Gisela Volá
Gisela Volá: cómo fotografiar el deseo
Guadalupe Miles
Guadalupe Miles: A House in the Midst of the Jungle
Gui Christ
Paraisópolis: Dealing with Covid-19 in the Favela
Hugo Arellanes
Afro-Mexicans: we are not folklore
Inon Sani
Strip the jungle
Isadora Romero
Polvo de estrellas
Jaime Chirif Watanabe
Music to cross the Amazon
Jaime Permuth
Olmedini el mago
João Castilho
Geophotography and color: images in an expanded field
Johis Alarcón
Cimarrona: Free Women, Free Peoples
Ghetto dreamers, apostando a la vida
Jorge Panchoaga
Dulce y Salada
Photographies to imagine new worlds
Joseph Zárate. Fotos: Musuk Nolte
Joseph Zárate: Why Telling the Jungle Pain
Josué Azor
The secret and queer life of the Haitian night
Juanita Escobar
Juanita Escobar: The Photographer who Inhabits the Llano
Julia Sbriller
The collective body
Karina Aguilera Skvirsky
My great-grandmother’s dangerous journey
Koral Carballo
Carnival and photo: we are behind the mask
Laura Vásquez Roa
Cannabis south and north of the border: a market in the United States and a war in Colombia
Leafhopper: David Simon Martret y Blanca Galindo
Love in the times of problematic consumption
Liz Tasa
Kápar: forced sterilization as a crime against Humanity
Lorena Velasco
Lorena Velasco: from intimacy to the collective
Lucía Herrero
Tribute to La Bata
Luciana Demichelis
How to be young in this limbo and survive in the attempt
Luis Enrique Aguilar
Mexico: violence reached the territory of dreams
Luján Agusti
Luján Agusti and the Ways to Sharpen the Gaze
Maíra Gamarra
Maíra Gamarra: the power of collective work
Mara Sánchez Renero
The Maroons and Their Fandango
Marcela Vallejo
Catalina Gil Pinzón: traditional narratives and drug policies
Photography and criminal records: from stigma to resistance
Malign influences: how to transform the family album
Love spells, potions of resistance
Quipu: how to produce a collaborative transmedia documentary
María Eugenia Cerutti
With all death in the air
María Fernanda Ampuero
Under our acacia
Mariceu Erthal
In the body of another: photographs to fill absences
Mathieu Asselin
Glyphosate and Ecological Disaster: in the Footsteps of Monsanto
Mayeli Villalba
Being black in Paraguay
Mayra Da Silva y Pablo Albarenga
Afro-Uruguayans: In Search of a New Perspective
Mídia Índia, Eric Marky
Mídia Índia: Indigenous Peoples in First-Person
Misha Vallejo
The Wisdom of the People who Defeated the Oil Companies
Musuk Nolte
Musuk Nolte: water in the desert
Narrativas Limítrofes
Laia Abril: a History of Misogyny
Nicola Okin
Nicola Okin in the Amazon: the Call to Portray a Territory in Resistance
Nicolás Janowski
The Secret Life of Cannabis
Noelia Chávez. Fotos: Musuk Nolte
Peru: tiktokers, memes and tear gas
Olga Manzano y Baltazar Castellano
Africamericanos in Mexico: Murals of Memory
Orlando Velázquez
Mexico: the desire that corrupts
Pablo Allison
At the heart of the beast
Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Close to the boom
Pablo Piovano
The Human Cost of Agrotoxins
Paula Zuccotti
Everything we touch in quarantine
Paulina Flores
Pedro David
The Long Decisive Moment when a World is Put to Death
Rafael Vilela
São Paulo: Resist amid the Pandemic
Ramón Campos Iriarte
Colombia: how to narrate an ongoing war
Rember Yahuarcani López
The ancestral avant-garde
Reojo Colectivo
Colombia: the Record of a Historical Outbreak in Real Time
Ricardo Nagaoka
Tierra colorada
River Claure
Warawar Wawa: A Little Prince Born in The Andes
Roberto Tondopó
Photography as a way of registering one’s own transformation
Rodolfo Palomino - Colectivo Kucha Suto
Kucha Suto
Rodrigo Braga
Rodrigo Braga: the camera that does not shoot
Ronald “Malandro” Pizzoferrato
A street eye in Caracas
Rosemarie Lerner
Proyecto Quipu: voces por la memoria de las esterilizaciones forzadas en Perú
Rubén H. Bermúdez
And You, Why Are You Black?
Ruda Colectiva
This is not a chain: Ruda Colectiva’s first joint project
Sandra Rodríguez - Fotos: Musuk Nolte
Peru: A Collective Book to Tell the Outrage in Real Time
Santiago Escobar Jaramillo
Expanded photography is here to stay
Sara Aliaga y Ara Goudsmit
“Cholita you had to be”
Sarah Pabst y Blas Finger
There is more than meets the eye
Sebastián Lopez Brach
What Can you Do when your World Burns
Silvana Trevale
Venezuelan Youth
Sofía Ayarzagoitia
All the Borders a Photographer Can Cross
Sub Cooperativa
Work in Progress: Marijuana Beyond the Common Place
Tania Pleitez Vela
Text: Emilia Erbetta - Photos: Andrés Cardona
Diary of a Wreck Family
Toni Amengual
Toni Amengual: looking for the limits of photography
Various authors
Drugs, Politics and Violences Collectives Encounter
Victor Moriyama
Photography in the Amazon: The Sound of a Falling Tree
Víctor Zea
Cusco: “They stole the gold, but they did not take the sun and that is what I photograph”
Vist Projects
Create and Display New Imageries
The Dangerous Job of Being a Fixer in Mexico
Cracolandia: Inside the Crack Hotels in Brazil
The D-P-V- La guerra fallida exhibition is open
Wara Vargas
Dreams and Findings of a Bolivian Photographer
Yael Martínez
Mexico: Fireflies to Illuminate a History of Violence
Amapola and resilience in the Mexican mountains
Yann Gross y Arguiñe Escandón
Aya: let the jungle reveal itself
Yeison Riascos
The Urban Divinities of the Colombian Pacific Coast
Zahara Gómez
Mexico: a cookbook in memory of the missing