Ricardo Nagaoka
Paraguay -
June 21, 2020

Tierra colorada

Ricardo Nagaoka is a Latino-Japanese photographer born in  Asunción, Paraguay. He moved to Ontario, Canada in 2005,  found himself in Rhode Island to attend the Rhode Island  School of Design, then drove across the country to live on  the West Coast. This work is an exploration of his birth place. 

“After being away from home for over 3 years, I returned to Paraguay to once again photograph the place I had made my first body of work”, said . All around Paraguay, Japanese communities sprung up over fertile soil and bustling cities. Immigrants leaving a nation that had been rapidly changed by war and Western influence for a promise of a new life in this small South American country”.

“Here is where my grandparents stepped off a ship onto an iron-stained landscape, where cattle roam open pastures and small towns dot the everlasting plains”.

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