There’s more to it than meets the eye – Fotos: Sarah Pabst / Música: Blas Finger

Sarah Pabst y Blas Finger
Argentina -
September 13, 2021

There is more than meets the eye

This is a love story, but it also has some tragedy in it. It starts with parallel biographical lines that intersect at one point and they decide to build a plot together, one of the millions of possibilities. Sarah, a German photographer, comes through friends of friends to live in a house in the south of the City of Buenos Aires. Blas, a musician from Buenos Aires, goes to visit and they talk for a while. They outline the first meeting points: words that will allow them to imagine a story together.

And then, love as a crush, as a bet, as a construction. The possibility of a life together: children, projects, coexistence. There the conflict appears. Cocaine is the secret background music that marks the rhythm of the days. At first, it shows in the details: warm sheets, an anxiety tic, a photo without lights.

When the substance asks to occupy all the space, the plot threatens to disarm. “There is hell down there,” says Blas. Who dares to look at it? This photographic essay, built through years of coexistence and intimacy, tells a love story, but also of resilience and courage.

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