Silvana Trevale
Venezuela -
June 21, 2020

Venezuelan Youth

The subjects for this series are young Venezuelans which nowadays face an economic, social, and political crisis. Venezuela has the highest economical inflation in the world, which has made the idea of a future seem almost impossible. Through these images Silvana Trevale explores the complex transition from a youthful, childhood innocence to a seemingly inevitable premature maturation. As the young of Venezuela face the daily obstacles of a failing society, they shift from a state of playful naivety, hardening into a more rigid, stoic attitude to their lived realities. Not only are they confronting the extreme food and medicine shortages that have caused the death of many around them, but also the lack of opportunities, leaving little room for hope, except for the possibility of leaving the country. As for the ones who cannot leave, they remain, working hard to manage the situation, adapting to the struggles and the increasing obstacles they face daily.